Albert Heijn

Soccer stickers from Albert Heijn

Like every big supermarket, Albert Heijn now and then has a specific promotion for their store. By linking a small surprise to a specific amount of money, customers will buy more to reach this minimum amount. Popular promotions of Albert Heijn are: the musical weeks (that will give you a discount for a specific musical), the movie weeks (that will give you a discount at the cinema) and the soccer weeks (that will give you certain items that you can collect).

The main goal of the soccer weeks is to get people to buy more. Their child, nephew, the little girl next door or maybe even themselves will collect these items, so they will unnoticed buy more groceries. This will result in a bigger sales volume for Albert Heijn.

Currently you will get stickers of soccer players with every 10 euros that you spend. You can collect all the soccer players from the Premier League and paste them in the sticker album which you can buy at the store. New in the soccer weeks is that you can create your own sticker which comes with an official t-shirt and signature. Albert Heijn also organizes the so called ‘ruilmiddagen’, where you can trade your stickers with other collectors.






The stickers are beloved by children, who will go to the store and ask every customer for their stickers. In previous promotions this has led to grumpy employees and customers, who find this very tiresome. Albert Heijn came up with a solution for this as well. Special banners were made with the text: ‘Only ask for stickers over here’.

The teaser of the commercial is shown a couple of days before the start of the promotion. People will get informed by the new activities at Albert Heijn. After the beginning of the promotion, another commercial is shown with some more content information. The quality of a commercial is that you will remember it. Mostly a commercial is annoying or funny, whereby people will remember it.
Posters in the stores of Albert Heijn will also give the customer information about the promotion, but also will inform you about offer in combination with an extra pack of stickers. The quality of a poster is that it will give the right amount of information a customer can pick up just by walking by.
Advertising leaflets
Just like in the posters, the advertising leaflets will give the customer information about an offer in combination with an extra pack of stickers. The quality of the leaflet is that it will also give others offers that aren’t related to the stickers.
On the website of Albert Heijn there is a tab ‘promotion’. Here you can find more information about the current activities. The quality of a website is that the customer can search for all the information that he needs.


One scenario is that a (potential) customer is attracted by the first commercial, the teaser, on television. This is the first time he will meet the new promotion of the Albert Heijn. After this he will see the posters in the store, the advertising leaflets and the second commercial on television which will give him more information and arouse interest for the promotion. Then the customer will go to the website and learn more about the related activities. At this point the desire will arise. After this the customer will act. He will go to the supermarket and buy enough to get some stickers.

Another scenario is that after the customer is attracted by the teaser, he will go to the site and get interested. Then after the second commercial, where a situation of getting the stickers is sketched, the customer had the desire towards the stickers and finally will act.

Getting the stickers from the cashier could also be the awareness, asking him about it could get you interested. Going home to look at the stickers and maybe visit the website could arouse desire. The customer will act, and maybe buy some more groceries.

As you can see there are a lot of scenarios in which the media can work and with each scenario there is a different AIDA.


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