First step

Axe is a brand for male’s deodorant, odour and shower gel.  In the Benelux, Axe  is more known for its deodorant, and that is where Axe focuses on with their media plan. The main goal of Axe is to sell as much deodorant as they can. Their motto in marketing is ‘get Axed, and get laid’. At the moment they have a new media plan that is involved with angels where their product is called ‘Axe Excite’. A TV commercial was first shown on TV where beautiful women dressed as angels, were  falling from the sky. They all gathered around one guy (who was wearing Axe Excite) and smashed their halo to the ground while walking towards him. At the end the slogan ‘Even angels fall for it’ is shown.

This commercial is the first step of Axe’s media plan for the product ‘Axe excite’.  The main goal is for the public to remember the commercial with angels really falling from the sky because the angels that have landed will be continued in their second advertisement. This commercial stands for awareness.

Second step

Thereafter, a trailer was posted on the internet with the title ‘Heaven on earth’, where three angels are being introduced. They all three live in the same house looking for the ideal man. And in the trailer a website is shown where you can follow the lives of the three angels within the house. At the end it tells the male viewers that you can win a sleepover at the house. Then the commercial closes with the name of the website.

This commercial will make the male viewers, which is Axe’s target group, interested into going to the Axe website in order to find out how to win a sleepover! The ‘lack’ of information they give  in the trailer, makes the male viewer interested in going to the website to find more info on that sleepover.

Third step

The website,, shows at the moment when entering the homepage the second commercial/trailer to warm up the viewers again. When this is finished the three angels appear with their links to their own Facebook, Twitter and Hyves, where everyone can follow them already. On the top right side of the site a countdown clock is shown of when the site will launch where you can actually follow the three angels live from their house.

This site is at the moment a typical medium for viewers to really desire they could watch the live feed from that house already.

Fourth step

The fourth step is to really act to do something. What does Axe want? They want you to buy the ‘Axe Excite’. From 10 -24 February the three angels will be shown live at in the same setting as ‘Big brother’, but with a game element added.

The consumer can score points, they call it ‘halos’, online and offline. By scoring points you can come in contact with the Axe angels. Points can be scored be visiting the website for a certain amount of time, by earned media (sharing content through social media) and paid media, which is actually buying the product.

By earning halos you can access new game elements, which can be a skype conversation with one of the angels or the robo-cam, which is a cam you can control in the whole house to watch every room. The person who scores the most points will win a sleepover with the angels at the house.

Identity and Visual design

It starts with the design of the bottle of the deodorant. This bottle has the colors black and pink and in adverts it has angel wings at the back. In the first commercial is it obvious that even angels throw away their halos and become ‘bad’ because of the sense of the ‘Axe Excite’. So angels and attributes that are a part of an angel, like wings and halos, play a big part in this media plan. At the website and the game that will come beautiful angels are shown just like in the trailer and the TV commercial and the color black and pink are being used again.


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