Analysis Abtswoudsebrug


The tunnel is not accessible since december 2010, due to sewage diversions, for 21 months. Because of the fact that the tunnel is not accessible, cyclists and pedestrians need to take a detour via the Prinses Irenetunnel to get to the other side of the railtracks.

Due to this detour, more people will travel along the red and blue path. This leads to more traffic around the crossing of the Abstwoudseweg and the Abstwoudsebrug.


Due to the closing of the Abtswoudse Tunnel this junction with the Abtswoudsebrug and the Abtswoudseweg becomes very busy at any time of the day. Residents are commuting to their work, Students cycling between the rail station and the University and work traffic constructing the site. Therefore, a traffic controller is looking after the safe passages of all the traffic.

Type of people

Residents, students (most of them on bike), mothers with children, elderly, people walking their dog, working traffic, construction workers all need to travel through this junction.

Most of the people who cross this junction are students, because this junction is the shortest way from the rail station to the University. They often have to wait for working traffic to pass. This causes irritation and a bad start of the day. Construction workers and traffic controllers are another type of people you can find in this area. Looking at the expression of everyone crossing the junction, it can be stated that the atmosphere here is kind of moody. Students are agitated and construction workers are mostly tired. Furthermore, traffic controllers are frustrated, because students often don’t obey their directions.

Type of traffic

The types of traffic you can find in this area are mostly bikes and work traffic. Moreover, cars and pedestrians can also be found here.

Repeating elements

Repeating elements are the red and white construction signs/blockades and fences of ‘Heras’.

View of surrounding

The view of the surrounding is at the moment depressive. The view contains mostly construction sites without any prospects. Walking the dog while looking at the construction of the rail tunnel or pipelines in front of your door are examples of the current scenery. This view of surrounding is not inviting to any by passers, residents or students.


In this area lighting is abundant, which is good for safety at night. Many lanterns can be found at any corner of the street. Not much sun blockage by buildings helps the surrounding to get a good overview.


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