Analysis Phoenixstraat


The Phoenixstraat is one of the main construction spots in the spoorzone project. The construction works here are thorough and continuous, and have impaired the accessibility of the area largely. Cars can not drive near the facades of the buildings anymore so it’s hard to see what street number you are passing through all the fences and trucks standing between the road and the buildings. Furthermore the cars have to share the road with the tram. Bikes and pedestrians have to share the sidewalk, which has been reduced to a small and long strip. Since the area is not regularly crowded pedestrians are mostly well off in this area, followed by bikers (who will have to dodge a pedestrian or other obstacle on the improvised bikeway).


As stated in the former subject, the Phoenixstraat greatly decreased in business. Partly because of the ongoing construction work which does not exactly add to the atmosphere of the street. The road, however has contrastingly become a very busy route lending infrastructure to commuters, shoppers, day trippers but mostly construction workers and the trams.

Type of traffic

Pedestrians are few, cars are many. Bikes tend to avoid the area because of alternative routes.













Type of people

During the daytime there are mostly construction workers of all ages, civil pedestrians consist of mostly the elderly, followed by people without occupation.

Repeating elements

The construction of the tunnel demands many large cranes and pile drivers; vertical lines are abundant as distortions to a mostly horizontally oriented street view. Another repeating element is the red-white pattern of warning signs and barrier tape, and reverberates in the additional traffic signs placed for the changing traffic situation.


The Phoenixstraat is a long, thin area and the construction works are mainly done in the center of this strip. The view is therefore a bit like looking through a tunnel. Past the windmill, ‘De Roos’ the area suddenly opens up and gives a broader view of the (absent) surroundings of where once stood Bacinol.


The lighting had been adapted to the roads for the cars, but the pedestrians and bikers have very limited sight at night due to a sudden lack of street light around Phoenixstraat 30 (the author of this text once almost had a high speed bike-stair collision due to the aforementioned conditions).


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