Analysis Station Area

Accessing the station area can be done by foot or bicycle. Because of all the work that is being done around the station the location of foot- and bike paths move from now and then. When arriving by bus there is a bridge that connects the bus station to the train platforms.

Dropping someone of at the station can be done at a specific “kiss and ride” area about a 100 metres from the station. At the moment there is good access to the station by any form of transportation.

The business  around the station is divided in several areas. There is a bottleneck at the Prinses Irene tunnel. The busses from the station use this road to enter and to leave the station. This is also being used by the trams that pass the station. The ways are narrow and there are three traffic wardens necessary to regulate the traffic.

The other area is situated in front of the station. This is the place where all kinds of traffic, especially in the rush hours, come together.

Type of traffic
In this area all kinds of traffic can be found. Trams, busses and trains can be found here, but also pedestrians, bicycles and cars cross each other.

Type of people
Because of all the different kinds of traffic and public transportation that are crossing the area there can be found a lot of different kinds of people. Of course there are the travellers, but also drivers, passers, residents of nearby houses and other local traffic.

Repeating elements
In this area the repeating elements are traffic signs, like the temporary yellow ones. What also keeps coming back are the information panels from spoorzone delft and of course the bicycles that are lying around. Then there is also the work traffic and the construction workers that come with this traffic.

View of surrounding
The view around the station does still contain a little the authentic look that it used to provide. This is when you look past the work traffic and sight of the construction work that is being done. Especially the bridge between the busstation and platforms provides an oversight of the pit that determines the entire surrounding of the view.

The road that leads to the station is lighted pretty good. The pit itself is only lighted when there’s work being done. Otherwise it is a black spot.


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