Communication around the Spoorzone

Communication around the Spoorzone

As a part of the research we’ve done around the spoorzone, one of them was to take a look at the commucation about the project that is being done around the spoorzone.

We start at the station area. This is a place where people often have to wait for their train so they are a good target to inform about the project.

These are the banners they use to inform commuters:

They hang everywhere around the station area and tell people things about how they are going to build the tunnel and how it is going to look like when it is finished. The information stays pretty superficial and doesn’t really say much about the project. The banner with the text: “Delft bedankt” shows some ideas the residents of Delft came up with to put at the park that is going to be build on the tunnel when it will all be finished. It is probably a good thing that the community Delft shows that residents are included in the project.


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