Research Plan

In order for us to spot interesting places in the whole spoorzone area we selected a few areas to visit.


–          Phoenixstraat

–          Station area

–          Abtswoudsebrug

Per area/location we will focus on the following criteria:

–          Accessibility (how accessible is the area, by bike? by car? For the pedestrian?)

–          Busyness (How busy is the area, during rush hour? at night? during the day? And why is it busy at this location?)

–          Type of traffic (pedestrians, cars, cyclists, scooters, skateboarders, busses, trams and work traffic)

–          Type of people (residents, families, students, elderly, commuters, construction workers, others?)

–          Repeating elements (Anything that is being noticed and that repeats itself everywhere? Signs? Poles? Posters?)

–          View of surrounding (How is the surrounding? Are there obvious viewpoints? i.e. on a bridge?)

–          Lighting (How is the lighting at the area, many lanterns? Is it safe at night? )

Per criteria at least one photograph will be taken.

The BLEND team will be split into two small groups each visiting different locations to achieve efficiency.


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