In the sense of change, transience is inherent to the Spoorzone (i.e. the old situation will transcend into the new situation). But in its transition, the Spoorzone assumes many sub stages to keep the area operational and thus implements and explicates a constant transience from sub stage to sub stage. For example, in image 1 one can clearly identify the sub stages transcending into one another; that what once was a bicycle path became a pedestrian path and the markings are very visible. Other such changing markings are apparent in 2, where the sign has been improvised to fit the situation. It is clear that the physical, static street `furniture` (the sign in this case) can not keep up with the pace of the dynamic area. 3 is a little more cryptic but essentially upholds the same principle. The tree had to be cut for the construction to continue but in its cut-down state it functions as something different than urban greenery, in this case a reason for mischief. Accidentally added functions are a sporadic and unpredictable but interesting side-effect of any construction area as kids will always find ways to satisfy their need for fun and adventure (the same goes for some adults as well). 4 requires some fantasy as well, but shows a dangerous situation (a big hole in the ground, which has to be shielded in turn) as a sub stage to the end result.

As the contrast between the old and the new is so strong and physical distances between the extremes are so small shielding is an inevitable thing 5. But damage prevention is not the only causal instigator of this theme. Because the construction site is off-limits to anyone but the workers, infrastructural shielding occurs too. (6 & 7) Some shielding is less clear in its use (8) but most express it so much they go unnoticed because of the sheer logic behind them (9 & 10, safety).


 Vertical distortion
As the long strip the Phoenixstraat is – with no high rise at all -, the lines of perspective are generally drawn almost parallel and tend to the horizontal rather than to the vertical. The current situation however has a sizable amount of cranes, pile drivers and other tall machines standing upright, dwarfing the classic buildingsaround and distorting this horizontal grid with vertical lines. (11 & 12) Although the Phoenixstraat is the area where this phenomenon is located, it can be seen from a large distance around it as well and therefore has credible relevance to the entire Spoorzone area. (13)


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