Scenario + Touchpoint matrix

Scenario 1: Annemarie & twins on their way to grandparents

This scenario starts with Annemarie and her children finding themselves in the Spoorzone on the platform waiting for the train. They are going to visit grandpa and grandma, but still have to wait 15 minutes for the next train. Bored of waiting they look around, for interesting things to discover. They see the excavation site they already now, but also see a telescope aiming towards the site. Curiously the twins start to run up to the telescope. “The telescope is free of charge!”, Timmie says (1). Eagerly he looks through the telescope (2). “Whoah, this is cool, I see the new buildings appear where the cranes are standing!!” (3 + 4). “Let me see, let me see”, Joep says. “okay, but I want to look again when you’re done. You need to look at the marks”. Through the telescope one can see a different world than that is shown through the means of augmented reality (4). Annemarie now arrives and also looks through the telescope. “Oh, how funny”. “Hey, it can connect with my mobile phone if I aim for the poster” (5). She grabs her phone and can install the corresponding app (6). She can now see as through the telescope with her phone (7), also with the help of augmented reality (8 +9). Also, an explanation of the telescope is given and a link to the website in the app directs you to more insight and enables her to create something herself for the telescope.

She shows the view on the phone to her kids, and they talk about it on their way to grandpa and grandma. Arrived at Annemarie’s grandparents (10), they tell about the telescope. Annemarie still knows the site via her app, which sends an e-mail to her mailbox with a link to the site. When opening the site, the twins are invited to dive into the world of the Spoorzone and immediately play and create their own Spoorzone. Their creations can be uploaded (11) via the internet onto Annemarie’s mobile (12), but can also be sent to all the telescopes on the spoorzone (13). Now more people can see the creations of Joep and Timmie (15 + 16).

Scenario 2: Twins (and Annemarie) at home/school/art school on the internet

After school, Joep goes to art school. At art school they now learn the basics of 3-D shaping. All kinds of materials are used such as wooden blocks, LEGO, but also clay and wax. As a complement on this course, they also can learn 3-D forming via the computer on the site. Because 3-D drawing programs are often complicated, this program is made more accessible for children. It is fun to work with forms in another way and it is good for their computer skills. When the creations are done, they can send them to themselves and friends by e-mail (in the form of an invite)  and to the telescopes around the Spoorzone if they want. Joep chooses to send his creation to himself, his brother and his mother. At dinner, Timmie talks about what he made at art school. Timmie, who was at soccer practice, is curious and is going to check out his brothers creation on the site. Timmie now wants to build his creation too and send it to Joep to compare it. Annemarie likes to see all the creations of her children so she visits the site for it. The site says she can also see the creations on her mobile phone, just by downloading the creation onto her mobile with the invite she received from Joep and Timmie. Next time she visits the Spoorzone, she can see the creations from her children ‘come to live’, while walking through the Spoorzone looking through her mobile.

Scenario 3: Anita & Shelley on their way to school

Shelley needs to go to school but therefore has to get the bus at the Spoorzone, so Anita brings her along. On their way they walk along a lot of walls with posters on them. Crowded as it is in the morning, they can’t waste time to extensively look at all the posters. However, they somehow catch a glimpse of one poster and that glimpse stays within Anita’s and Shelley’s mind. At the bus stop, they see the poster corresponding with their glimpse they just caught and are interested by it. The poster explains the concept. The poster also has a QR-code and says it offers the experience of ‘looking through another view’. After  a few days Anita and Shelley are used to the poster at the bus stop, but still have the gnawing feeling of wanting to experience what it is. While they wait for the bus, Anita aims her newly bought mobile phone at the QR-code and gets immediate access to the ‘world of new views on the Spoorzone’. She can see through her phone ‘a different view’, with the help of augmented reality. She also gets access to additional layers to apply on her screen. That way, she can easily change the view and so her world around her. She shows it to Shelley who has got very excited by it. The app also refers to the website, where they can watch and make more creations themselves. Accessing the site via the phone doesn’t bring up the full possibilities for creating their own world, so a computer with internet would be better. However, simple straightforward modifications can still be made by phone, which makes it more interesting for them both and more inviting for Shelley. When they have more time, they could also look through one of the many telescopes (which they are now familiar with through the posters, app and site) placed around the Spoorzone to experience the ‘new viewing’ in another fun way.


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