Mosaic Concept


A consistent conglomeration of creative input generated by school kids of the area. A simple example of such a mosaic in a literal way is a mosaic poster (which consist of a large picture constructed from many smaller pictures relevant to the bigger image) like this one:

This concept, however, encompasses more than just posters. 3D-shapes that have a spatial or graphic component that is modularly determined by the input of school kids also falls in this concept. A comparison can be made with the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain; as the mosaic concept, the Sagrada Familia has been a work in progress (in the church’s case for over a century). And in the words of its main architect, Gaudi, because the church is a expiatory church “(…) La Sagrada Família is made by the people and is mirrored in them”. As such, the mosaic concept is expiatory in its derivation of childlike inspiration and adventure and should mirror, or rather project, this onto its adult audience.

A mosaic object would become the central medium in the media mix and could develop during the construction progress. As such, it could implicitly function as a ‘processbar’ showing the progress of construction to the public.

By placing the mosaic in the area without much of an introduction the mosaic in our view has the mystical charm of the ‘oranje mannetje’ recently used in the ‘Plastic Hero’ campaign. The ‘oranje mannetje’ was simply put on posters without any description and as such generated involvement and interest among the public.


– The Mosaic concept offers en excellent opportunity for continuous development and integration of contemporary input.

– The Mosaic is an excellent connection hub for the other media in the mix.

– The Mosaic could have a function after the construction works have been completed.


– The Mosaic could stand in the way of the construction or decrease the flexibility of the construction plans as a physical obstacle.

– The Mosaic is a little susceptible to vandalism


The mosaic wall will exist out of a lot of different parts, which are not yet defined, but will trigger the curiosity of the commuters and residents around the Spoorzone. Since the image projected on the mosaic will change a lot, it will keep being interesting for the users. It will stay an adventure as long as there are images that are not yet defined by the users. The mosaic will be big enough to be noticed by many travellers and residents, but will have an indistinct enough image to raise questions by its users.

Click here for the media mix

Click here for the scenarios and the touchpoint matrix


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