Scenarios + Touchpoint matrix

(The bracketed numbers denote the corresponding image in the storyboard below)

Scenario 1:

It’s a normal Tuesday morning when Annemarie brings the twins to school. When passing the Phoenixstraat Annemarie sees a beautiful object composed of mosaic tiles that shows a future sight of the Phoenixstraat after the constructions are finished (1). The twins see the mosaic object too and their attention is caught by a poster next to the mosaic object. The poster explains that Joep and Timmie can make their own drawing and upload it at a specific website. When the drawings are uploaded it will be shown on the mosaic object (2). The twins are so excited they want to make the drawings right away!  Annemarie takes the twins and brings them to school whilst promising they can make the drawings when they get back home.

After Timmie and Joepfinish the drawings Annemarie scans them and uploads them on the website (3). There she reads also that with a mobile app, she can download from the website, she can locate her son’s drawings on the mosaic object. (4)

The next day the twins only have school until 12:30h. Annemarie picks Joep and Timmie up from school and  they travel to the station to visit their grandparents in the Hague. At the station Annemarie sees another mosaic object to her surprise, this time it shows a future drawing of the station area. The train takes another 15 minutes to arrive so she takes out her smartphone and starts the app she downloaded. Eager to find her sons drawings she points her phone to the mosaic object. ‘Look Timmie! There is your beautiful drawing, and wow Joep yours looks amazing’, Annemarie said (5). The twins all happy and jumpy are proud that their drawing is shown on the object. With a joyful feeling Annemarie and the twins enter the train to the Hague.

Scenario 2:

On the same Tuesday morning Anita is bringing her daughter Shelley to school by bus. Anita finds it annoying that they have to change busses at Delft station, because nowadays the station and its surrounding is such a mess. She used to like the area around Delft station, but she is happy that she doesn’t live in that area now. Waiting for the next bus on Delft station Shelley and Anita are struck by the beautiful mosaic object that is standing there (1). Since they have another 10 minutes for the bus to come Anita takes her daughter to the mosaic object reading the information on the poster next to it. On the poster is explained what the purpose of the object is and how it is used (2). A QR-tag is present on the poster so Anita scans it to download the app on her mobile phone (3). The app took only 10 seconds to download, but now Shelley is becoming impatient. She wants something to happen with the mosaic. Anita says, ‘one minute dear, mommy is downloading the app first’ (4). Then, Anita saw all the drawings that are possible to project on the mosaic object. They all represent different sceneries of the Spoorzone when it is finished. ‘Look Shelley, this is how the station will look like in 13 years, and this looks like a nice park at the Phoenixstraat’, Anita says to her daughter while selecting a new layer. Shelley doesn’t really care about what the images represent, but is more interested in the sight of the transitioning between 2 drawings, ‘Again mommy, make it change again!’, she screams excited (5). Through the mobile app Anita goes to the website (6). She sees interesting information so later that day when Anita is back home she goes to the website behind her laptop to learn more about the Spoorzone project.(7)

Touchpoint Matrix


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