Scenario + Touchpoint matrix

Scenario – Annemarie Postma

(The bracketed numbers denote the corresponding image in the storyboard below)

Annemarie and her kids are on their way to their grandparents. As their train arrives Annemarie quickly gathers her kids (who wandered off a little on the platform) and shortly notices her son Joep fiddling with an unusual little machine. Thinking its just a new OV-chip terminal she pays little heed and boards the train (1). When they get off in The Hague Central Station, Annemarie is a little confused because the OV-chip terminals on this station are still the ‘normal’ ones. She discards the thought and the family carries on to their destination.

Later that day, when Annemarie and the kids return at Delft station, Annemarie sees the machine again while they walk the platform and it sparks her early memory and confusion. She glances at it and notices that it says in large letters ‘PRESS HERE’, with an arrow pointing to a shiny button. As they get closer to the thing, another passer-by decides to press the button. To her amazement, a little paper ‘ticket’ comes out with a cryptic graphic on it. Joep also notices this and runs up to the machine and presses the button as well (2). He receives a similar ticket and shows it to his brother Tommie who eagerly presses the button as well. A little curious but a little pressed with time for cooking, Annemarie tells her kids to come along (3).

After dinner, she sees the tickets Joep and Tommie left on the table and vaguely recognizes the printed graphic as a QR-tag. Her new smartphone should be able to read it, and her curiosity makes her use that function (for the first time actually) (4); through the QR-tag she receives an app (5) that shows a map of the Spoorzone with a little blue dot pointing out some location (6). The GPS on her phone automatically plans a walking route to it. Puzzled by this strange ‘invitation’ she studies the map a little further and understands the blue dot to be located somewhere under the railway overpass. Her husband joins her in her puzzlement and decides adventurously to check it out later that evening while walking the dog (7).

As her husband returns from his walk, he enthusiastically shows Annemarie a second QR-tag which had him download a supplement for the app previously downloaded (8). Never having seen augmented reality at all, he’s baffled with ‘what they can do with technology these days’ and shows Annemarie how he can see the windmill ‘de Roos’, the Bagijnetoren, the old train station building and some other landmarks through the walls of his house! That is to say, on the screen of his cellphone off course, but with the app working together with the camera on his phone, the landmarks are projected in perspective and in real-time.

Over the course of the next two months Annemarie notices more and more similar machines appearing on the Spoorzone (9). Some at bicycle traffic lights, some on the platform, others sparsely distributed over the sidewalk and some on unexpected locations such as directly behind the fence of the construction pit. Also smaller objects start appearing in the Spoorzone, some with a lid that hides a QR-tag or arrow, some are frames around artworks hanging on random locations in the Spoorzone. While the objects themselves differ greatly in function, they all share a particular colour, glaze and similar shapes. Also, the objects are all marked with a logo.

Annemarie doesn’t know what to make of the sudden addition of these mystical devices, not affiliated to any established company or organization. There is no denying that the little devices have caught her attention at this point, and because of her uncertainty of what they are she starts noticing them everywhere.

A week or so later while shopping for groceries, she sees some five people standing around a screen finally revealing some clue of what the objects are (10). Or, at least it shows short video fragments of the Spoorzone and concludes with a website: She makes a mental note of this and when back home, discovers the website contains a forum (11) where some younger people are discussing comical hidden messages and discoveries related to the arrows, QR-tags, artworks and other objects found in the Spoorzone. Amusingly, she recognizes a lot of the concerned objects and sees the link between them now (12). Also, the website contains an invitation to an outdoor theater festival that will be held in the construction pit. Baffled by the idea she proposes the festival to her husband and her friends. In doing so, the curiosity and gradual understanding of ‘the Spoorzone Dream’ continues (13)

The climax of the ‘Spoorzone Dream’ treasure hunt will be the festivities around the first train riding through the new tunnel which will be introduced in the storyline of the treasure hunt, with some real-life unlock-able features through the Spoorzone Dream treasure hunt. (14)


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