Zoom improves the Spoorzone by providing a distraction from the nuisances and by having people participate in the aesthetic enhancement of the area. The promises we set early in the development of the concept were:

To the user: The CMiD solution aims at improving the aesthetic perception of the Spoorzone, while extending an athmosphere that induces trust and curiosity and leaves fertile ground for imagination and adventure.

To the stakeholder: The CMiD solution aims at improving the involvement of the residents with the Spoorzone project for a better mutual understanding between residents of Delft and their municipality.

And we fulfilled them both. As for the user, the improved aethetic perception was provided by the active involvement of the juvenile residents in the Spoorzone. Other than that, the brightly colored panels provided a visual diversion from the otherwise unappealing construction site. Considering trust and curiosity, the concept extends a welcome towards the parents of the participating children and creates a homely atmosphere with the children’s drawings. Curiosity comes in the form of wondering about the wall as a physical object and the functionality of the augmented reality. Fertile ground for imagination and adventure is easily identified in the concept; as the drawings come to life through the mobile app, the user wades in an imaginary world created by the children.

The promise to the stakeholder is fulfilled in the way that the involvement of the residents in the Spoorzone project is guaranteed through the attractive interaction the user experience when working with the project. The Zoom wall offer; apart from the feature on the mobile app; an isolated view of a part of the construction site and gives information about the progress and the meaning of the construction project. This informs the residents in an active way which in turn, will lead to a mutual understanding of resident and municipality.


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