Design assignment

Design Assignment CMID

1)      Stakeholders
Municipality of Delft

2)      Users
Primary users
Parents with their children who live in the Spoorzone.

Secondary users
People who live in Delft and who travel through the Spoorzone.

3)      Promises

Promise to the Users
The CMiD solution aims at improving the aesthetic perception of the Spoorzone, while extending an athmosphere that induces trust and curiosity and leaves fertile ground for imagination and adventure.

Promise to the Stakeholders

The CMiD solution aims at improving the involvement of the residents with the Spoorzone project for a better mutual understanding between residents of Delft and their municipality.

4)      Media mix

– Physical objects around the Spoorzone
– A website
– A mobile app
– Festivities/ Festivals
– Posters

The physical objects around the Spoorzone will mostly function as aesthetic objects to draw the attention of our users. Since their attention was first focused on the constructions, the big machines and sandy surroundings we want this focus to shift to our CMiD. In this sense we improve the aesthetic perception of the Spoorzone. The posters and website are media that function more in an informative way of i.e. how to interact with the object or information about the Spoorzone project. This induces trust and comforts the user’s curiosity. Furthermore, a mobile app and festivities are media that will involve the user more and more to our CMiD solution, which will take them on an adventure. With this media mix we hope to achieve a more enjoyable experience within the Spoorzone in order to disappear any negativity towards the Spoorzone project.

5)      Sketchy ideas


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