Quotation & Invoice

For our second phase we will be designing a concept for a directed design goal. Herein our analyzing skills will be used to subtract useful points from our analysis from phase 1 to create that goal. This is an accelerant for our creativity, which will be needed in this conceptualizing phase. What we design and for whom, why and how will be stated in our design assignment. We will use creative stimulating methods to create the ideas. Visualizations will be used to explain the different aspects of our design and in the end a conceptual design for our design goal will be supplied.

To do this, Blend will be working on this phase for three weeks … hours a week a person (a detailed time spend table can be found in our planning). With the five of us, we will now however work more parallel and efficient so that we can deliver our results faster. Our rate will therefore be €80,- per hour. As already mentioned we will work more individual now, therefore we will be placing our people on work that fits is or her quality best to create the best result. Below is stated what our individual qualities are.

Tal Amram –                       visualisation

Bob Smit –                         idea generation

Emma van der Veen –   analyzing

Kimberly Kalesaran –      conceptualisation

Pascale de Rond –           coordination


Hereby the invoice for phase 2:

invoice 2


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