Workshop 2 – March 3

We started the workshop off with the following stakeholder and promise:

Thereafter, a mindmap of all other involved stakeholders and users or participants within this promise were being set out. Subsequently, interesting relationships were explored.

Then, design challenges were investigated by looking at the interesting relationships.

Some initial sketchy ideas were put on paper and finally a presentation was given to the group.

Afterwards the next question was raised: ‘How is this promise of value to the city of Delft?’.  After this question we started to rethink our main stakeholder and their promise.

After some discussion with the group we realized it makes much more sense to take the residents in the Spoorzone as our main stakeholder with the promise: The CMiD solution aims at making the living environment of the residents around the Spoorzone more bearable, since they have to live for 10 years in a surrounding that is full of constructions.

Our strategy will be by using their children in creating art or culture for in and around the Spoorzone.


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